Designed to complement its high-quality gold etchant (AU1), Transene’s revolutionary, new product, GOLDOUT™, recovers 99.4% of the gold from spent Transene gold etchant, with minimal health and safety risks to the user. GOLDOUT™ offers many advantageous features and benefits. Makes gold recovery safer and easier: In contrast to other gold recovery products now on the market, GOLDOUT™ does not contain strong acids or volatile chemicals that produce toxic fumes or liquids. It is a stable, relatively safe product that does not require complex health and safety procedures for use. Within 15 to 20 minutes after the GOLDOUT™ powder is mixed with the spent gold etchant, the gold begins settling out of the liquid. Minimizes wastes and lowers environmental costs: Because GOLDOUT” is less hazardous than other gold recovery chemicals (that contain lower pH levels), the used etchant is less hazardous. This enables manufacturers to save money on waste disposal, regulatory compliance (recordkeeping, reporting, and tracking), and potential future liabilities. Provides added income through gold recovery: The ability to more easily recover gold on site provides semiconductor manufacturers with more control of the precious metals they use, and, considering the market price of gold, provides added cost savings. FEATURES

  • Makes gold recovery safer and easier
  • Non-hazardous
  • Reduced user health and safety risks
  • Recovery process is quick
  • Minimizes wastes and lowers environmental costs
  • Provides added income through gold recovery

Click here to view: GOLDOUT™ Demo Video (2 minutes)

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Transene Company is proud to partner with Geib Refining. Transene works with Geib to provide technical information about your spent etchant to maximize recovery of gold, silver, palladium, or other valuable metals from solution.