Advanced Materials for Electronics

Silver Etchant

for Microelectronics Circuits

Selective etchant for silver, compatible with negative and positive photoresists-used in thin film microelectronics to develop circuit elements.

  • Etching readily controlled with minimum undercutting — provides excellent definition.
  • Room-temperature operated.
  • Uniform etch rate
  • Economical
  • Silver Etchant TFS is available in glass or plastic packaging depending on shipment method.

Silver Etchant TFS


This thin film etchant is used to obtain selective etching of silver in the photo fabrication of microelectronic circuits. Used in conjunction with photoresist technology, this etchant forms precise electrodes and resistor patterns in thin films prepared on alumina and other substrates.

High purity, low sodium and 0.2 micron filtration for semiconductor and microelectronics applications.

Silver Etchant TFS – Cyanide free for standard applications.

Operating Temperature Room Temperature
Ventilation Hood recommended
Agitation Work agitation; Speed accelerates etch rate
Tank Glass
Etch Rate @ 25 °C 200Å/sec.
Composition Ready -to – use liquidContains KI-I2 complex
pH @ 20 °C
Density @ 20 °C
Resist Compatibility Neg & Pos.
Rinse Distilled, Dionized Water
Waste Disposal(Reclaim Silver in spent etchant.) Dispose in accordance with all federal, state and local regulations. Send waste to an approved waste disposal facility.

Max. Impurity (ppm)

Sodium ( Na) 40
Chlorine & Bromides (Cl) 100
Lead (Pb) 5
Iron (Fe) 3
Sulfur (as sulfates) 50
Phosphorous (as phosphates) 10