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Conductive Via Fill CVF-6030 is a two-part filled epoxy system designed to provide electrical and thermal conductivity in PWB and PBGA applications. Applied via stencil, CVF-6030 is an effective, economical fill for vias. When planarized, CVF-6030 is receptive to plating and soldering. Because the via fill exhibits no shrinkage, electrical and thermal conductivity are retained during curing. Vias up to 0.75 mm diameter may be filled with excellent results. The long pot life of CVF-6030 enhances clean-up while its fast cure reduces processing time. Because CVF-6030 is a two-part system, material may be left at room temperature for extended periods, further enhancing processing.


System Two-Part
Composition Silver filled epoxy
Viscosity 110,000-140,000 cps
Thinner CVF-6030 Thinner
Electrical Resistivity nominal 3 x 10-4 ohm-cm
Shelf Life >100 BTU / ft2 / hr. / °F. / in.
Outgassing < 0.01% / 100 hours @ 125 °C/hr.
Stencil Type 3-4 stainless steel
Aspect Ratio (depth:diameter) 6:1
Clean-up Solvent Iso-propyl alcohol; acetone
Temperature Stability Range -65 °C to + 175 oC
Storage Room Temperature
Shelf Life 1 year @ 25 °C
Pot Life Mixing Ratio 48 hours @ 25 oC
Mixing Ratio 4 drops (0.124 grams) Part B
per 10 grams Part A
Cure Schedule 100 oC for 30 minutes
Or 125 oC for 20 minutes
Or 150 oC for 15 minutes


CVF-6030 may be applied via stencil to drilled, plated through holes and is then cured as instructed. The stencil heads of the cured via fill may be removed by planarazation to yield a smooth, uniform surface. It is then possible to electroplate prior to printing and etching or proceed directly to the print and etch process.

Special Thinner Available