Advanced Materials for Electronics

Copper Plating Acid Type


Transene Copper Plating Acid Type is ideal for high-speed copper deposition including through hole plating. The bath exhibits good stability and is easily controlled. Stabilizer limit resistivity and promote a bright deposit.



Temperature (°F) 70-120
Current Density (A/ft2) 20-50
Anode Copper
Anode to cathode ratio 1:1
Agitation Mechanical
Voltage (V) 4-6
Filtration Continuous
Tank Glass, fiberglass, pvc, ceramic, rubber
pH <1
pH control Sulfuric Acid
Deposition rate @ 20 asf 0.5 mil/hour
Copper concentration (oz/gal) 6
Recommended Additive Concentration 30 g/L of solution


Copper Plating Acid Type is used to plate copper of any thickness onto ferrous base metals over copper strike. Especially suited for plating through holes and over trenches where over plating is a concern. The bright deposit consists of uniformly distributed rather than columnar grains. Copper Plating Acid Type is also advantageous as a protective coating under nichrome. Leveler, Activator, and Surfactant additives are available.