Advanced Materials for Electronics

Bright Copper Cleaner

For Printed Circuit Boards

Removes tarnish from copper and copper-alloy surfaces. Simultaneously forms a thin, protective film, highly resistant to corrosion. Recommended for cleaning copper circuit boards and to maintain boards free of oxide.


  • Rapid, economical cleaning of circuit boards.
  • Produces a molecular-bonded physical barrier layer, stable to 280 °C.
  • Monomolecular barrier film makes copper corrosion resistant; does not wipe or dissolve off. Protection is lasting.
  • Enhances fluxing, soldering and coating operations of circuit boards.
  • No adverse electrical effects.


PC Boards should be degreased first, if necessary.

Tank Pyrex glass, fiberglass, polypropylene, etc.
Temperature 140 °F – 175 °F
Immersion Time 20-30 seconds
Rinse Water