Advanced Materials for Electronics



Immersion Gold CF is a two part system suitable for producing thin gold films on metal surfaces via an electroless immersion process. The cyanide-free formulation offers reduced toxicity and improved compatibility vs. cyanide formulations. Immersion Gold CF takes advantage of EMF potential differences to plate gold films with good adhesion.

Immersion Gold CF deposits gold on high – and low – phosphorus nickel as well as copper.


Mix Ratio 3, 535 ml Part A, 250 ml Part B
Gold Content 0.5 tr oz / gal
Plating Thickness 0.25 µ maximum
pH 8.6-9.0 (lower with citric acid)
Operating Temperature 70-75°C
Plating Rate Ni (low phosphorus) 0.025 µ / min
Ni (high phosphorus) 0.01 µ / min
Cu 0.04 µ / min
Tank Glass
Agitation Continuous, Required


Nickel and copper should be cleaned in dilute hydrochloric acid (approximately 10%) prior to plating. The pH should be adjusted and maintained in the range 8.6-9.0 for best results.

Part A should be added to the plating tank followed by Part B with stirring. Allow the two parts to mix for 5-10 minutes before use.