Advanced Materials for Electronics

Isopropanol 99.8% LM

Assay Parameter Unit Specification
Assay (C3H8O) % Min 99.50
Assay (H2O) ppm Max 500
Color APHA Max 6
Appearance Pass/Fail
Acidity ueq/g Max 0.200
Alkalinity ueq/g Max 0.100
Residue after Evaporation ppb Max 5000
Solubility (in H2O) Pass/Fail
Chloride (Cl) ppb Max 200
Phosphate (PO4) ppb Max 500
Aluminum (Al) ppb Max 50
Arsenic and Antimony (as As) ppb Max 10
Barium (Ba) ppb Max 20
Beryllium (Be) ppb Max 10
Bismuth (Bi) ppb Max 20
Boron (B) ppb Max 10
Cadmium (Cd) ppb Max 10
Calcium (Ca) ppb Max 10
Chromium (Cr) ppb Max 10
Cobalt (Co) ppb Max 10
Copper (Cu) ppb Max 10
Gallium (Ga) ppb Max 10
Germanium (Ge) ppb Max 10
Gold (Au) ppb Max 20
Iron (Fe) ppb Max 50
Lead (Pb) ppb Max 10
Lithium (Li) ppb Max 10
Magnesium (Mg) ppb Max 20
Manganese (Mn) ppb Max 10
Molybdenum (Mo) ppb Max 10
Nickel (Ni) ppb Max 10
Niobium (Nb) ppb Max 10
Platinum ppb Max 50
Potassium (K) ppb Max 20
Silicon (Si) ppb Max 100
Silver (Ag) ppb Max 10
Sodium (Na) ppb Max 100
Strontium (Sr) ppb Max 10
Tantalum (Ta) ppb Max 10
Thallium (Tl) ppb Max 10
Tin (Sn) ppb Max 20
Titanium (Ti) ppb Max 20
Vanadium (V) ppb Max 10
Zinc (Zn) ppb Max 20
Zirconium (Zr) ppb Max 20
Particle Count, 0.5 um ct/ml Max 17
Particle Count, 1.0 um ct/ml Max 5

It is hereby certified that the above-mentioned product meets applicable testing, packaging, regulatory, and customer purchase order requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, chemical specifications and inspection of containers for packaging defects. The pertinent test and/or inspection records are on file.