Advanced Materials for Electronics

Microchrome Technology Products

Negative and Reversal Process Chemistries:

*D-5 Negative Developer: This is an extremely high resolution, high contrast developer for producing opaque images in the areas exposed with light. The development step is the most critical. The process time, temperature and agitation must be consistantly and repeatedly controlled for best results. Our recommended process time range is 4-6 minutes at 70°F.
*F-4 Fixer: This is a rapid type fixer for high resolution photoplates. Recommended process time is 2 minutes, with 5 seconds agitation for every 30 seconds of fix time.
D-8 Reversal Developer: This is a very active, high contrast developer. It’s purpose is to develop the full thickness of the silver halide layer to the base. It is the most critical step in the reversal process and must be tightly controlled for repeatable results.
*B-2 Reversal Bleach: This chemical removes emulsion by bleaching out, the first image formed in the develop step. We recommend a 2 minute step to do this, with 5 seconds agitation for every 30 seconds bleach time.
*C-2 Reversal Clearing Bath: This chemical removes bleaching by-products and adjusts the pH of the photoplate in preparation for additional development.
PCS Photomask Cleaning Solution: This cleaning solution is for re-cleaning both emulsion, chrome and iron oxide masks. Use it full strength for hard surface masks, and dilute 8:1 with filtered DI water for use in cleaning high resolution emulsion photomasks.

* This product also comes as a 1:4 concentrate, whereby one gallon of concentrate makes 5 gallons of working solution when diluted with filtered, clean water. Also see our recommended Negative process sheet here.