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Negative Resist Remover NRR-001 is a ready to use, low pH formulation composed of a proprietary mixture of aromatic ingredients. NRR-001 is formulated to remove (strip) common negative working photoresists baked onto various substrates (for example, gallium arsenide, silicon, chrome) and is non-corrosive to various metal and oxide surfaces under proper usage. Polyimide is not attacked by NRR-001.

NRR-001 remover does not contain phosphates, chromates, phenol, or chlorinated hydrocarbons. NRR-001 performs well at room temperature or elevated temperatures and exhibits an extended bath life. The shelf-life of NRR-001 is one year when stored in a cool area away from direct sunlight.


Appearance Red liquid with aromatic odor
Specific Gravity (@68°F) 0.95 – 1.05
Shelf Life 1 year
pH (@ 68°F) < 2
Operating Temperature 50-60 °C
Rinse Acetone


Bath Make-Up: Full strength for all semiconductor operations, by a spray or immersion process.
Rinse: Aromatic solvent if necessary.
Bath Life: Bath replacement should take place when removal time exceeds 15 minutes.
Use: NRR-001 has broad applicability for PC boards, chrome photomasks, thin film and hybrid integrated circuits, and MCM devices. Removal of greases, oils, inks, and other organics is also accomplished with NRR-001. NRR-001 is an effective stripping agent for Transene PKP II photoresist.