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Nichrome Etchants TFN

Nichrome Etchant TFN is designed for etching nichrome thin films in microelectronics applications. Nichrome Etchant TFN is compatible with positive and negative photoresists and provide sfine-line control with minimal undercutting. This high purity formulations filtered to 0.2 micron is well suited to critical microelectronic applications.

Minimal undercutting with excellent fine-line control. Consistent operation.


  • High purity
  • 0.2 micron filtration
  • Compatibility with positive and negative photoresists
  • Fine line control
  • Uniform etch rates


Transene Nichrome Etchantd TFN is a high purity system based on ceric ammonium nitrate. Nichrome Etchant TFN provides clean, precise etching of evaporated nichrome layers for the preparation of thin film circuits. High precision photomask etching is also accomplished using Nichrome Etchant TFN. Nichrome Etchant TFN contains semiconductor grade ingredients for ultra-high purity and is filtered to 0.2 microns to remove particulates.


How do I increase the etch rate? 1. The rate will approximately double with every 10°C increase in temperature.
2. Increase the rate of stirring or agitation.
How do I reduce the etch rate? Adding 1 part deionized water to 2 parts etchant will reduce the etch rate approximately 50%.
Do I need to dilute the etchant? No, it is ready to use.
How do I reduce undercutting? Increase the rate of stirring or agitation.
Appearance Clear orange
pH Acidic
Etch Rate at 40°C 50 Å/sec.
Etch Capacity (rate declines at ~70%) 65 g/gallon
Shelf Life 1 year
Storage Conditions Ambient
Filtration 0.2 um
Recommended Operating Temperatures 20-80oC (30-40oC most common)
Rinse Deionized water
Photoresist Recommendations PKP-308PI or HARE SQ (SU-8 type)
Select Compatible Materials Au, Ti, oxide, nitride, Si

See for more details.

Select Incompatible Materials Al, Ni, Cu, NiCr
Compatible Plastics HDPE, PP, Teflon, PFA, PVC
Country of Origin USA
Availability 1-2 days
Available Sizes Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon, 55 Gallon
Packaging HDPE
Packing 4 gallons/case
Isotropy Isotropic
Incompatible Chemicals Strong bases
Additional Information


Nichrome Etchant TFN may be operated at room temperature or elevated temperature to increase etch rates. Rinsing with deionized water is suitable. Nichrome Etchant TFN is an improved formulation which etches more cleanly, eliminating the need for an intermediate rinse.