Advanced Materials for Electronics



Transene has introduced NOVO-SAFE TMAH Substitutes for positive photoresists or silicon etching in response to growing concerns about the dermal toxicity of TMAH solutions.  NOVO-SAFE chemistries provide comparable performance to TMAH with an order of magnitude improvement in dermal toxicity safety.  Benefits include:


  • Similar performance to TMAH with higher LD50 levels for dermal exposure
  • Targeted activity by varying temperature or concentration
  • High organic solubility with enhanced rate and capacity results
  • Low metal ion and halide levels for critical applications (100 ppm and 10 ppb for most developer applications)
  • Available as concentrates or solutions with etch rates equivalent to standard concentrations such as 2.38%,0.26 N



Product LD50, Dermal, Rat Rate vs. TMAH @ Equivalent Concentration
TMAH (25%) < 120 mg/kg 100%
NOVO-SAFE SE-33 (20%) >1000 mg/kg 87%
NOVO-SAFE SE-44 (35%) >2000 mg/kg 60%
NOVO-SAFE CM-85 (55%) >2000 mg/kg 20%

Etch rate, angstroms/minute for a 1 M solution at 75 oC

In addition, Transene offers TMAH solutions in non-aqueous solutions.  Low water content minimizes corrosion, provides ppb levels of contaminants, and improved solubility of organic residues.  Uses include resist strips, electronic surface cleaning, edge bead removal, and other microelectronic processes where little or no water is a requirement.  Contact Transene for details.