Advanced Materials for Electronics

Translastic RTV Silicone -1602

TRANSLASTIC RTV SILICONE –1602 is a solvent free RTV silicone base which, when mixed with catalyst, cures to a transparent elastic silicone rubber. This material may be used in potting or encapsulating applications where a high degree of mechanical strength is not required.


Color Water White
Viscosity Range (cps) 4000
Consistency specific gravity 0.98
Density at 77 °F, g/cu,in 16
Non-volatile Content (%) 99.5 min
Pot Life 4 hours
Rec. Catalyst Conc. By weight 0.3%
Shelf Life 6 months


Color Clear
Durometer, Shore A 20
Dielectric Strength volts/mil 515
Dielectric Constant, 103Hz 2.6
Dielectric Factor, 10 Hz .00003
Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm 2.5 x 1015


Add catalyst and mix well. (Catalyst 0.3%)
Deaerate mixture and apply as required.
Select cure schedule: (0.3% catalyst)

25 °C 65 °C 100 °C 150 °C
30 hrs. 5 hrs. 1 hr. ½ hr.