Advanced Materials for Electronics

Ti-Tungsten TiW-30

Ti-Tungsten TiW-30 is a selective etchant for titanium-tungsten adhesion layers in microelectronics applications. TiW-30 effectively etches Ti-tungsten films deposited on silicon nitride, or silicon oxide. TiW-30 provides excellent definition and etch rate control. Broad compatibility with positive and negative photoresists is offered.


Ti-Tungsten TiW-30 etchant is a ready-to-use solution specifically designed to remove titanium-tungsten alloy adhesion layers from substrates such as silicon dioxide and silicon nitride. TiW-30 will not attack aluminum films. Heating the etchant to 40°C will speed the etch rate for thicker films.


How do I increase the etch rate? 1. The rate will approximately double with every 10°C increase in temperature.
2. Increase the rate of stirring or agitation.
How do I reduce the etch rate? Adding 1 part deionized water to 2 parts etchant will reduce the etch rate approximately 50%.
Do I need to dilute the etchant? No, it is ready to use.
How do I reduce undercutting? Increase the rate of stirring or agitation.
Appearance Clear, colorless
pH Mild acid
Etch Rate at 40°C 10-15 Å/sec.
Etch Capacity (rate declines at ~70%) 65 g/gallon
Shelf Life 6 months
Storage Conditions -40 to 0 oC
Filtration 0.2 um
Recommended Operating Temperatures 20-80oC (30-40oC most common)
Rinse Deionized water
Photoresist Recommendations KLT6000 Series, KLT 5300 Series, HARE SQ (SU-8 type), TRANSIST, or PKP II
Select Compatible Materials Au, glass, oxide, nitride, Ni, Cu

See for more details.

Select Incompatible Materials Ti
Compatible Plastics HDPE, PP, Teflon, PFA, PVC
Country of Origin USA
Availability 1-2 days
Available Sizes Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon, 55 Gallon
Packaging HDPE
Packing 4 gallons/case
Isotropy Isotropic
Incompatible Chemicals Flammables, combustibles
Additional Information Oxidizer.  Store with vented cap.