Tin Oxide
Indium Tin Oxide Etchant TE-100

Tin Oxide/Indium Tin Oxide Etchant TE-100 is a selective etchant for tin oxide and indium tin oxide (ITO) layers in microelectronics applications. TE-100 effectively etches ITO and tin oxide films deposited on ceramics, dielectrics, semiconductors, and many metals. TE-100 provides excellent definition and etch rate control. Broad compatibility with positive and negative photoresists is offered. TE-100 is not compatible with nickel, copper, nichrome, and aluminum.


ITO films are best prepared by first depositing a film of indium-tin. The indium-tin film is then oxidized in an oxygen plasma or at elevated temperatures in an oxygenating atmosphere. When etched, indium is solublized as a trivalent aquocomplex [In(H2O)6]3+ while tin forms a [SnCl6]2- anion.


How do I increase the etch rate? 1. The rate will approximately double with every 10°C increase in temperature.
2. Increase the rate of stirring or agitation.
How do I reduce the etch rate? Adding 1 part deionized water to 2 parts etchant will reduce the etch rate approximately 50%.
Do I need to dilute the etchant? No, it is ready to use.
How do I reduce undercutting? Increase the rate of stirring or agitation.
Appearance Brown
pH Acidic
Etch Rate at 40-50°C 15-20 Å/sec.
Etch Capacity (rate declines at ~70%) 100 g/gallon
Shelf Life 1 year
Storage Conditions Ambient
Filtration 1 um
Recommended Operating Temperatures 20-80oC (30-40oC most common)
Rinse Deionized water
Photoresist Recommendations KLT6000 Series, KLT 5300 Series, HARE SQ (SU-8 type), TRANSIST, or PKP II
Select Compatible Materials Au, oxide, nitride, alumina

See https://transene.com/etch-compatibility/ for more details.

Select Incompatible Materials Al, Ni, Ti, Cu, Pd
Compatible Plastics HDPE, PP, Teflon, PFA, PVC
Country of Origin USA
Availability Stock item
Available Sizes Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon, 55 Gallon
Packaging HDPE
Packing 4 gallons/case
Isotropy Isotropic
Incompatible Chemicals Strong bases, nitric acid
Additional Information Immersion or spray application