Advanced Materials for Electronics


Gold Electroplating Solution for Electronic and Aerospace Applications


TSG-250 is a ready-to-use, cyanide free stabilized gold sulfite electroplating solution which deposits soft satin-bright electrodeposits. The solution exhibits a slightly acid or neutral pH for applications where high pH is undesirable. TSG-250 meets Type IIIA of Mil-G-45204 C requirements.


Temperature 110-160°F (140° F optimum)
Current Density 1-8 ASF (2-4 recommended)
Anode Platinized
Anode to Cathode Ratio 1:1 minimum
Agitation 100% efficiency-vigorous
pH 6.0-7.0
SPG 10-30° Baume
Tank Polypropylene, Glass, Fiberglass
Hardness 60-70 knoop as plated (may be annealed)
Gold Content 1 Troy ounce per gallon
Plating Rate 0.25 micrometers/minute at 4 ASF


TSG-250  is ideal for applications where high pH plating solutions react with exposed materials or if a non-cyanide bath is desired. One troy ounce of gold is plated every four amp-hours. The specific gravity of the bath rises with use. Above 30o Baume precipitate sulfate using calcium acetate or barium acetate to lower the SPG to a working range.