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XTherm AG Electrically Conductive Heat Sink
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Heat Sink for Electronic Applications

Thermally conductive heat sink grease applied to the base and mounting stud of transistors, diodes and rectifiers – as a coupling agent – to reduce thermal contact resistance.

Contains alumina in laminar crystallographic orientation, dispersed in a special silcone base material.


  • Excellent heat flow properties-insures proper dissipation of heat.
  • High quality dielectric properties – bulk resistivity 10 ohm-cm and dielectric strength 400 volts per mil.
  • Wide temperature range of operation – -60 °C to 200 °C.
  • Will not dry, harden or bleed.


XTHERM is a thermally conductive material specially produced to serve as an efficient coupling agent and to reduce thermal contact resistances. Ideal for sputter target applications. XTHERM contains alumina, grown in a laminar form and dispersed in a high temperature, silicone based material. Available as XTherm AG for thermal and electrical conductivity. The special type of alumina used and the silicone material selected enhance the thermal conductance properties of this product, as well as provide high insulation resistance and good dielectric strength.

XTHERM has the consistency of a paste, easily applied between semiconductor power devices and heat sinks, power resistors and chassis mount, thermostats and mounting surfaces. It is likewise applicable to thermoelectric devices and radiators. Properly used, it forms a conductive path between the heat generating circuit element and the heat sink mount. XTHERM thus serves as a heat sink compound in electronic applications where the efficient transfer and removal of heat are necessary. The heat removed is often ten times better with XTHERM than with dry plate mountings.

XTHERM AG is a silver filled, electrically conductive heat sink paste for applications requiring both thermal and electrical conductivity. A high loading of proprietary silver flake provides excellent electrical conductivity properties.

XTHERM and XTHERM AG are ideal for mounting sputter targets where thermal or thermal plus electrical conductivity are needed. XTHERM will not outgas in the sputter chamber and is easily wiped off the back of the target after use.


Color Light Gray
Consistency Paste
Specific Gravity 2.3
Viscosity 1.4 x 106 cps.
Volume Resistivity 1016 ohm-cm
Dielectric Strength 400 volts/mil
Operating Temp. Range -60 ° to + 200 °C
Thermal Conductivity 1.75 x 10-3 gram cal./cm2/sec./°C/cm
Bleed Characteristics None (under normal usage)